Lt. Colonel Kevin Sweeney

Kevin Sweeney - Dallas-Fort Worth Motivational Speaker

Kevin Sweeney - Dallas-Fort Worth motivational speaker - speaking at Bowl Expo convention of the Bowling Proprietors Assoc. of America

Why Kevin Should Be Your Next Motivational or Keynote Speaker

Bottom line: He's been there, done that; Kevin has been where you are.

This motivational and keynote speaker from the Dallas-Fort Worth helps fire up business meetings, year-end events, and banquets. His inspirational experiences brought to life through his gripping storytelling arf

Providing Plans and Strategies to Take Away

During his 25+ years in the business world as an executive and his 20+ years in the military, Kevin has experienced the same pressures we all face and he continually excelled. Based upon first hand knowledge and experience Kevin will give you a strategy and a plan to turn those pressures we all face into productivity enhancers.

Kevin will give you a plan where you not only think you can succeed under pressure, but more importantly you expect to succeed under pressure and you do!

Entertaining, Inspiring, Motivational Content

Some speakers entertain. Others enthuse and motivate the audience. Kevin does all that and more. He is funny, he is passionate. He makes the audience think. His story is electrifying and he moves the audience to take action in their business, professional, and personal lives.

Customized Presentations

Kevin customizes his presentation to each audience, maximizing the benefits that particular audience will receive. He speaks their language, their industry, their challengers, their opportunities. He welcomes the opportunity to talk in advance with the organization's leaders to get that customization and maximum benefit for his audience.

Bottom Line

The participants enjoy the presentation, learn the concepts and, most important, take action.

What Next

A resident of the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Kevin is easily positioned to be your next motivational or keynote speaker. Living very close to Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, Kevin is also accessible to organizations across the US.

To contact Kevin:

Zan Jones - Marketing Director

Kevin Sweeney - Speaker

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